With the Jindabyne property market in its current state, now is a great time to look at renovating or upgrading your existing home. Whether you’re renovating the kitchen or bathroom of the home you’ve lived in for years or updating an older “fixer-upper” that you’re recently purchased, renovation plumbing will play an important role in your home improvement project.

At RM Plumbing Jindabyne, we offer comprehensive renovation plumbing services throughout the Jindabyne and Snowy Mountains Region. Our renovation and upgrade services include kitchen and bathroom renovations, laundry upgrades and additions, drainage renovations, and water and gas upgrades. From state-of-the-art new bathroom fixtures, to routine pipes and drains for kitchen sinks and dishwashers, our team will help you keep your plumbing solid, well-installed, and up to code for your next remodeling project.

With over 18 years’ experience, RM Plumbing Jindabyne strives to give you the best quality service. We complete every job, whether big or small, with a firm commitment to quality workmanship and customer service. Our dedicated and skilled plumbing and drain professionals can solve any type of problem related renovation plumbing.

Kitchen Renovations
We can renovate and upgrade sinks, taps, dishwashers, disposals, and ice machines.

Bathroom Renovations
We renovate bathrooms to your specifications.Whatever your desired design please let us know and we can work with you or your designer, or contractor.

Drainage Renovations
Unclog drainage. Repair old worn out sewers, or repair sections where a bad joint could be effecting flow, or breaks in the piping where roots could be penetrating pipe.

Water and Gas upgrades
All types of water piping can be repaired or replaced. We also install gas piping of any kind. Fireplaces, gas grills, outdoor kitchens and porch lanterns.


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